buy vine-followersVideo sharing has become an online trend that has attracted a fair share of social media marketers. There are quite a number of video sharing sites today. Well, vine is twitter’s video sharing application that is now close to two years old. It allows its users to share short 6-second videos among themselves. Its simplicity and versatility has attracted a fair share of social media marketers and a huge audience. To a social media marketer, the number and type of vine followers is a great area of interest that plays a pivotal role in your business prospects.


Social media marketing is all about attracting a huge following and getting more views. With a good network, the next thing is usually to convert these views into sales. It is therefore very important to understand what and how to realise an effective marketing strategy on vine. As you read on, this article intends to put across some useful insights that lead to an effective marketing strategy on vine.

Create an Eye-catching profile.

First impressions are always lasting. It is therefore important to incorporate a detailed company profile that explain gives a detailed explanation about your company’s profile. A well-taken photo about you company will shed more light into your profile. With neatly done profile, it becomes easy to attract other vine users to your profile.

Understand you audience

It is one thing to attract your audience and maintain it is another. To achieve these objectives simultaneously, post videos that are relevant to your audience. Actually, a better way of attracting more people is by offering some attractive invitational clips.

Be original and creative

Do not be like those spam vine users. When people see videos they have seen somewhere else, there is great likelihood that they will associate you with one of the spam accounts. Most vine welcome original, informative and creative content. With 6 seconds, you need unmatched creativity to capture the best shots without compromising the message you put across.

Follow others

As you strive to have more vine followers, it is important to understand that someone following you feels appreciated when you return the favor. Other users will always be quick to notice this. With some sort of assurance that you will follow them as well, a fair share of them will be quick to follow you as well.

Comment on people’s vines

In social media marketing, it is all about being noticed. Leaving a positive or an informative one on other persons vine will definitely attract someone to your profile. Actually, you need not to leave a follow back comment, only a relevant comment is sufficient.

Consistently post 

Getting a huge following is actually a product of continuous efforts. By posting quality vines consistently, the number of likes and re-vines will grow spontaneously leading to more vine followers.


Well, to make it in vine, you need to have the fundamental requirements necessary for a successful social media campaign. The difference between successful social media marketers and the less successful ones lies in their understanding and execution of the aforementioned pointers. To succeed, one only needs to do their homework and success will follow.


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